April 16, 2012

Four Unfinished Paintings

Did I say I was done with "pretty" for my paintings? I was at Clara Barton House this morning. Azaleas, tulips, dogwoods, redbuds... and a beautiful blue sky. It was really pretty, I couldn't help myself.

I'm getting closer to finishing the Quartermaine's paintings, finally. I had a little breakthrough with the storefront when I realized I needed to use the starburst pattern of angles leading to the center of the painting to bring the focus to the inside of the store. I have more to do as I emphasize the angles and rebalance the figures to help the movement into the center.
The painting at the roaster is now highlighted as it needs to be; I have to work on the shadow colors a bit.

As for the portrait, it's very close to being done. I'm trying to keep the focus on her expression and continue building the painting around it.

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