January 27, 2012

A Monumental Project

I have a show in September at the Foundry Gallery and I've decided to paint large canvases. It seemed to make some sense to paint monuments in monumental sizes. I'm planning on a 7 ft tall Washington Monument, a 6 ft wide Jefferson Memorial, that kind of thing.

I started sketching today. I'm having a grand time on the small versions and wondering how successful I'll be making them into large scale paintings. I did a tiny 3 x 5 painting of the Lincoln Memorial, using a penny as my reference and some shiny copper paint. A magnifying glass would have been helpful, I'm not sure that I'll try to turn that one into a full-size work. The 8 x 12 Washington Monument, though, which I painted from a vision in my head, just might work. I have to get out when the sun's shining, I hope in early morning, to get down some more sketches of possible subjects for these paintings.

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