November 7, 2011

Doing "Nothing" at Great Falls

On the way out to Great Falls, Virginia, today, I passed a political sign that said a candidate for office "Does Nothing." This might have escaped my notice except that last week I was told by my younger admiring daughter that she wanted to do what I did when she was older -- "nothing." So the phrase "doing nothing" was playing in my head like a stuck song. This is the result of doing nothing all morning, proof perhaps (yet again) that the blacker my mood is, the more light and energy end up in my paintings.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter will never do nothing, just as her mother never does nothing. I think what she envies is the freedom to choose what one does, and suffers the illusion she would choose to do nothing. Perhaps she would, for a while. But the urge to do is indefatigable. Ultimately however she is right. We all do nothing. At least you are doing nothing artfully.

Judy Gilbert Levey said...

Beautifully said! Thank you!