March 28, 2011

Fear of Self-Portrait

So this is very funny. I started work today, about 45 minutes, on a self portrait and figured that I just had to be brutally honest about my big nose, asymmetrical features.
My in-house art critic told me I had a wildly distorted self image and I wasn't nearly that scary looking. My New Hampshire art critic said that I needed to get over the idea that I had a small forehead, big nose, funky eyes ... so I spent another 25 minutes tonight. Brought my eyes down an inch, shortened my nose, made myself more symmetrical, warmed up my skin.

I'm still worried my original sketch is the way I look in my head. This is the kind of thing that doesn't require therapy, just more painting. I'm told by the in-house critic that the new version is better, but not right yet. Either she wants something like new jeans or she really does think I look younger in real life.

The starter sketch:

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