June 27, 2010

The old Riggs Bank at Dupont Circle

Painting this morning at Dupont Circle -- that's the old Riggs bank, now a PNC, between Mass & Connecticut on the northwest side of the circle (for you clock people, that would be at about 11:00). The Sunday morning farmer's market is set up at behind the building and the yellow Sweetgreen truck is parked alongside the building. People were reading newspapers or just waiting on a friend (a la the Rolling Stones) seated on the bench that goes all the way around Dupont Circle.

I'm struck by the sameness of the urban scene -- could this have just as well been Barnes & Noble in Bethesda but for the color of the awnings? Yes, there are a lot of differences, but since both of those buildings are oriented the same (the B&N in Bethesda is between Bethesda Ave & Woodmont, but is also at 11:00 on the NW side of a crossroads that is big enough to be a circle), there's a lot of overall structure to the painting that recalls scenes set in Bethesda.

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